Comments from customers on receipt of there portraits..



  • Devon Venture - Nov 11 -  Its so life like, Amazing, the eye looks real, i Love it.  Its just like him.
  • Two Skyes - Absolutely love it.
  • Kenco and Wanda - 02/11/11 - i got my pics today, they are even more amazing in real life thankyou again for bringing my 2 back together again, xxxx
  • Mary - 19/10/11 - hi got my picture today , just wanted to say thank you , its fantastic im so pleased with it .....  and again on the 31/10/11 - hi just wanted to say im so pleased with my picture , its still on the kitchen table so we all have to sit & look at it every day
  • Lizzie - 30/08/11 - Its my big girl to a T.
  • 4 horses - 13/09/11 - Wow i love it
  • Willow -  20/09/11 -  Its beautiful, a true likeness, every hair is perfect.
  • Westies - loved it and thought it a true likeness to his beloved pets
  • Hector - "its like hes with me in the room, his eyes seem to follow me"





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